Simon Horan

I am the artist. But I'm also the least important part of this website, because my art is so easy to do that it was just a matter of doing it first. In fact, you could probably pick up a pen and a piece of paper right now and do one of my drawings neater than I can. But the point is, I like to draw and I like to not do work, so combining those two things was perfect for me.

At the time of publishing the book, I was 17 years old. At the time of last updating this page, in the year 2019, I was still 17, so some quick math would put me at age (current year - 2001.) Yeah, I'm old/young.

On this website of mine, you will find images of things in the book, and some images not in the book, simply because I drew them after the final draft of the book was finished. But if I ever publish a second, these are mine, so you can't have them.

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